Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the bags made of?

Every bag is made from a heavy gauge upholstery-grade vinyl. The material is BPA and phthalate free, and is made in the USA. It feels thick but is as flexible as life demands! 

We import zippers from YKK, the #1 brand in the world, which means they won't break after 10 zips or 10 thousand. Nickel-plated grommets made in the USA are featured on each bag for easy tagging or hooking. (We're working on more handle options to offer you!) Lastly, we use imported bonded polyester thread that is both heavy-duty and UV fade resistance.

2. How do I wash my bag?

We recommend wiping your bag with a damp soft cloth. You can use mild soap, window cleaning spray or detergent, if needed. You can also rinse out your bag under the faucet after a trip to the beach because we know, the sand gets everywhere!

3. Is the bag waterproof?

The clear fabric is but the entire bag is not (i.e. water can make its way through at the seams). We've found, however, that for most intents and purposes, it's got you covered because life happens, and we've all had the water bottle leak in our bag before. 

4. Can I put stickers on my bag?

You can, and we've loved using school-ready name stickers for our children, but please be aware that they will leave a residue if you remove the sticker.

While we're on the topic, we don't recommend leaving paperwork in the bags for extended periods of time as the ink can transfer to the vinyl.

5. Can I store food in my bag?

We only recommend putting wrapped or packaged food inside of your bags.

6. How are your bags different from other zipper bags?

In so many ways! But most importantly, our bags are the highest quality available for organizational use. They are designed to look beautiful because organization should be inspiring and fun, and to last...and last, and last, because nothing's worse than a broken zipper. 

Our bags are crystal clear so that you can see what you have (that's more than half the battle!). And their clarity will continue use after use, unlike disposal plastic zipper seal bags that have to be replaced again and again to maintain their fresh look.

Seriously, we hope you'll toss, travel and love Zipped bags the world over.  Speaking of which, wherever you go, we don't think you'll be able to find anything quite like it!

7. What else should I know about Zipped?

We are committed, along with our sister brands, to donating over half of our profits to Mental Health Research.

8. Can I recycle my bag?

Yes and no. You can recycle the clear fabric (hooray!) but as you already guessed, the zippers and thread should be disposed of separately.

9. Where is your office located?

We are located at 47 Richards Avenue, Norwalk CT 06854.